Photo: The attending Leather Title Holders at the first Santa Clara County Leather Contest in 1997



As the person whose name is on the Fictitious Business Name filings that protect the titles, I can tell you definitively that they are


Ms Santa Clara County Leather

Mr Santa Clara County Leather

Very short version of the history: we had two competing titles in the area, South Bay Leather (from the Southbay Leather and Uniform Group (S.L.U.G.) and San Jose Leather. (I was Mr San Jose Leather 1995, Pat Baillie couldn’t be Ms San Jose Leather 1995 until Jeff Tucker managed to get control of the FBN for that title partway through the year)

For the 1996 title, we managed to persuade the owners of the two titles to let us combine them into South Bay-San Jose Leather. (The sashes were enormous.) That was also the year that our heart-and-triangles logo was created by Miranda von Stockhausen. Miranda and I were Ms and Mr South Bay – San Jose Leather 1996.

The owners of the competing titles were not willing to continue the combined titles. Miranda and I were producing the contest for the 1997 title, and did some straw polls of possible other titles, including Silicon Valley Leather. The one that always came out on top was Santa Clara County Leather. We (admittedly unilaterally) went down to the county and filed the FBNs for the new titles. I added the SCCLA one so we could have protection for the nascent organization which seemed to be forming.

I said at the time that I would continue to maintain the FBNs for the titles and SCCLA as long as there are community members keeping the group active. In fact, it’s time to do that again.


Kevin Roche

Mr. South Bay-San Jose Leather 1996

Mr. San Jose Leather 1995