Santa Clara County Leather Association

PO Box 61253, Palo Alto, CA 94306

SCCLA Membership Requirements

The Santa Clara County Leather Association is a social and educational leather club. To nurture the club and support community, we perform outreach to new leather folk and sponsor some fundraising events for charity. The SCCLA is a pansexual group, rooted in the gay and lesbian leather community. We are open to all orientations and genders.

As a member of SCCLA you have the right to:

 Carry an SCCLA membership card

 Wear an SCCLA patch

 Identify yourself as a member of SCCLA

 Vote on SCCLA club decisions

 Conduct, on approval of the club, “official” business for the SCCLA, such as facilitating the SCCLA Business Meeting, entering into a business contract on behalf of the SCCLA and handling money at SCCLA events.


You may apply to become a member by following the instructions below.


 Must be 19 years of age or older.

 Must possess valid, legal ID (State ID, State DL, Military ID, Passport).

 Read, and agree to SCCLA’s Code of Conduct.  Located further down the page.

 Read, complete and sign SCCLA’s Membership Application.  Located at bottom of page.

 Have two (2) current SCCLA members sign your Membership Application.

 Membership applicants who are not able to obtain the required signature referral we suggest they attend at least 3 club functions in order to make an informed decision about feeling comfortable with the group, and subsequently ask a current member to sign a referral for them.

 Pay annual membership dues of $10.

 Submit your completed, signed membership application with annual dues (a check or money order made out to “Cash” with SCCLA membership on the mem o line).

 SCCLA Membership Application process requires that all new applications must be submitted in person along with a picture id in order to verify that the member applicant meets the SCCLA age requirement. Applications may be submitted at any SCCLA Business Meeting or event/activity.


SCCLA dues are allocated to fund SCCLA operating expenses and are not pro-rated. No person will be denied membership due to an inability to pay annual dues. Members and potential members can apply for a Fiscal Hardship Waiver by requesting it on their membership application or renewal.

Santa Clara County Leather Association Code of Conduct 

All members of SCCLA are equal and entitled to courteous treatment.

No member may divulge another member’s or prospective member’s legal name, address, phone number, or the identity or location of a member’s employer or relatives without the explicit permission of the member or prospective member.

Respect the privacy of others.

“No” means NO. Persistence will be construed as harassment and will not be tolerated.

Do not touch anyone or their property without permission.

Do not engage in illegal activity on the premises of a SCCLA sponsored event, to include but not limited to parties, classes, meetings, or other club activities.

Do not photograph, tape or otherwise record any SCCLA event without prior approval by SCCLA and the consent of all individuals being photographed, taped, or recorded.

You are responsible for the behavior and actions of your guests.

SCCLA reserves the right to refuse entrance to SCCLA events, to anyone who appears intoxicated or potentially harmful to themselves or other attendees.

You will be required to leave the premises for ignoring the SCCLA Code of Conduct, or engaging in unsafe, exploitive or non-consensual behavior of any kind.

SCCLA New Membership Application (rev. June 2017)

SCCLA Application for Renewal Membership (Rev. Nov. 2017)